M.J.Hall is one of the longest-running surplus lines brokerage firms in the US. We represent 75+ insurance carriers and offer products covering the most typical to the most unique risks imaginable. M.J. Hall continues to approach transportation-focused carriers so we can offer the best coverages and pricing possible for your clients. Our market penetration, speed to market, and turnaround time are unmatched.


Fast turnaround times and attractive commissions

Excess Liability follows the underlying policies for most policy provisions. 

The policy may ‘stand alone’ for certain exclusions, conditions, etc., while relating back to the underlying coverage for most provisions. This type of policy form is typically used excess of scheduled underlying insurance and usually contains a requirement that the insured maintain scheduled underlying insurance.

Our facilities are available over a wide spectrum of situations:

Preferred to Difficult Risks;

Risks requiring Manuscript Policies;

Occurrence or Claims Made;

Lead and Excess Placements;

Available in some instances over non-rated carriers or high level S.I.R.;

Program Business using Master Policies;

Typical Classes:

Auto / Truck Exposures

Banks and Schools


Ethical Pharmaceuticals

Habitational Risks

High Tech Industries

Light Rail Systems



Property Owners

Retail Wholesale Risks

Standalone Liquor

Transit Districts

Utility Districts

Waste Management

Gentlemen’s Clubs

Large Auto & Truck Fleets

Livery including Charter Buses


Standalone Liquor


Hard work, tenacity and commitment to customer service best describe John Tatum’s journey from college-aged supply clerk to M.J. Hall’s top Broker, a distinction he has held for 9 years running.

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